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The Dutch Oven
Ever since the era of hunters and gatherers people make use of outdoor cooking, but over the last years outdoor cooking is becoming increasingly popular. For outdoor cooking you need various techniques and suitable material. Besides, it requires some time, skill and patience, but as soon as you have mastered the techniques you can enjoy the most authentic way of cooking. Resulting in some of the most delicious dishes.


The Dutch Oven
The Dutch oven is the classic image for outdoor cooking, it is a large cast iron pan on three legs that can be put on coals. This type of oven has been used since the seventh century, but has proven itself as a timeless and essential attribute for outdoor cooking. It is said that the Dutch oven received its name due to the Dutch merchants that sold them to door-to-door in the USA.  Dutch settlers in America took them with them and used the oven regularly. Soon it became also very popular under the other new citizens of the USA, since it offers the possibility to cook outside even under primitive conditions.

How to use the Dutch oven
The Americans were right, the Dutch Oven can be used to prepare all dishes: from pizzas to stews and grilled meat to pies. In principle you can immediately start cooking in a Dutch Oven: all you need is the oven itself and a fire. Of course, there is enough knowledge and skill to acquire to master in the field of cooking with Dutch Ovens. For instance, you can choose for an open fire of wood or briquettes. In addition, there are several types and sizes Dutch Ovens, all with a different function. The Dutch oven in our starter-set package is ideal for the novice outdoor cook.