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The windmill Cast Iron

The Windmill Premium

User manual for Cast Iron
Thank you for using our cast iron product(s). We trust you will enjoy your product for a long time to come. Cast iron can last a lifetime, as long as you treat it well. So let’s get to work!

Initial seasoning
Before the first use of your cast-iron product you will need to season it, which in fact does two things: firstly it prevents rust and corrosion and secondly creates a non-stick cooking surface for easy cleaning after use. The first seasoning is extremely important, because you are removing any undesirable contaminants from the production process in the factory. You can use ‘Crisco shortening’ (or any other cast-iron conditioner) and a cotton cloth to season the cast-rion product(s).

Please follow the next steps:

  1. Wash your cast-iron product in hot water and thoroughly dry it afterwards.
  2. Heat a barbecue with cover or oven to 120 degrees, place the product for about 60 minutes in the oven which will heat up the cast-iron. Due to the high temperature, the pores of the iron will open up and that makes sure that all the moist will evaporate. This is very important since moisture can cause rust. Do not forget to remove the stainless steel handles before you put the product in the oven!
  3. When the cast iron is hot, use the cotton cloth to rub the Crisco shortening all over the inside and outside of your cast iron product(s). A thinlayer is enough, thick layers should be wiped off.
  4. When you finish the rubbing, heat the product again in the oven untill it starts to smoke and then let it cool down.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for at least 3 times. The more often you repeat this cycle, the nicer the cast-iron will look after every cycle. After you finish the seasoning of the cast iron, it is immediately ready for use.

After you use the product, it should be cleaned as soon as possible. DO NOT use soap and DO NOT soak the cast-iron in water. Both will have a deterirating effect on the protective coating applied with seasoning. To clean the product use step 1-4. You can use the chain mail for stubborn stains. After these steps you can store the cast-iron. Do not put cast-iron into the dishwasher.

Caution: Cast iron products becomes very hot. Do not just grab the cast-iron products, like Dutch Ovens and pie irons, but use heat-resistant gloves.